Saint Patrick School provides every student with an education in keeping with the highest academic standards, while integrating into that education the teachings of the Catholic church. All curriculum policies and procedures are established by the Office of Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Harrisburg and are voluntarily consistent with the requirements of the Academic Standards of the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

A detailed, by-grade list of curriculum guidelines can be found here at The Diocese of Harrisburg website.

Faculty & Staff

Administrative and Support Staff
NameStaff PictureTitleContact InfoWebsite
Mrs. Antoinette OliverioMrs. Antoinette
Mrs. Kathy HawkinsMrs. Kathy HawkinsOffice
Mrs. Dorine HabermanMrs. Dorine HabermanFinancial
Mrs. Lisa MadduxDevelopment
Mrs. Tracy HeckerMrs. Tracy HeckerCARES Program Directorthecker@spscarlisle.orgWebsite
Mrs. Lindsey WatersCAIU Guidance Counselorlwaters@caiu.orgWebsite
Mrs. Melissa LyonCAIU Speech Clinicianmlyon@caiu.orgWebsite
Mrs. Ruth HughesCAIU Reading and
Mrs. Kerry WrightReading
Food Service, Health Service and Maintenance Staff
NameStaff PictureTitleContact InfoWebsite
Mrs. Mary GronkiewiczSchool Nursemgronkiewicz@spscarlisle.orgWebsite
Mrs. Lesley HoymanAssistant School
Mr. Clarence GarlinMaintenance Staff
Mr. Ricky ArmoltMaintenance Staff
Instructional Faculty - Classroom and Cultural Arts Teachers
NameStaff PictureTitleContact InfoWebsite
Mrs. Marie BaileyPreschool Teacher
Shamrock 1 (3 year olds)
Mrs. Christine CiavarellaPreschool/PreK Teacher
Clover 1 (4 year-olds)
Mrs. Alysia UrbanPreschool/PreK Teacher
Clover 2 (4 year-olds)
Miss Jessica MelphisMiss Jessica MelphisKindergarten Teacher (KA)jmelphis@spscarlisle.orgWebsite
Miss Mallory MathiasKindergarten Teacher (KB)mmathias@spscarlisle.orgWebsite
Mrs. Melissa RyeKindergarten Teacher (KC)
Mrs. Yvonne KaneMrs. Yvonne KanePrimary Classroom
Mrs. Maria LehmanPrimary Classroom Aide
Miss Trinity KaneMiss Trinity Kane1st Grade Teacher (1A)tkane@spscarlisle.orgWebsite
Mrs. Amy SullivanMrs. Amy Sullivan1st Grade Teacher (1B)asullivan@spscarlisle.orgWebsite
Mrs. Christina Hoffman1st Grade Teacher (1C)choffman@spscarlisle.orgWebsite
Mrs. Lisa FarleyMrs. Lisa Farley2nd Grade Teacher (2A)lfarley@spscarlisle.orgWebsite
Mrs. Mary Pat GruschowMrs. MaryPat Gruschow2nd Grade Teacher (2B)mgruschow@spscarlisle.orgWebsite
Mrs. Chris Hazlett3rd Grade Teacher (3A)chazlett@spscarlisle.orgWebsite
Mrs. Betsy ReederMrs. Betsy Reeder3rd Grade Teacher (3B)breeder@spscarlisle.orgWebsite
Mrs. Brigette Guyer4th Grade Teacher (4A) Website
Mrs. Erica HensonMrs. Erica Henson4th Grade Teacher (4B)ehenson@spscarlisle.orgWebsite
Miss Sarah Reeder5th Grade Teacher (5A) Website
Mrs. Maggie ConnollyMiss Maggie Burton5th Grade Teacher (5B)mconnolly@spscarlisle.orgWebsite
Mrs. Jill BrownMrs. Jill Brown6th Grade Homeroom Teacher 6A
Middle School ILA (6, 7)
Mrs. Machele LynchMrs. Machele Lynch6th Grade Homeroom Teacher 6B
Middle School Math
Mrs. Kate Hickey7th Grade Homeroom Teacher 7A
Middle School Social Studies
Mrs. Kelly Cloak7th Grade Homeroom Teacher 7B
Middle School Religion
Mrs. Samantha WilburMrs. Samantha Wilbur8th Grade Homeroom Teacher
Middle School ILA
Mr. Jay Raines8th Grade Homeroom Teacher
Middle School Science
Mr. David WiestMiddle School Math Teacher (part-time)
Mrs. Angela DolheimerDirector of Technology & Computer Instruction

Mrs. Karen GriffithArt Teacherkgriffith@spscarlisle.orgWebsite
Mrs. Elyse RinehartMusic Teachererinehart@spscarlisle.orgWebsite
Mr. Michael CameronInstrumental Ensemble
Ms. Christine GravesLibrariancgraves@spscarlisle.orgWebsite
Mrs. Monica DilsPhysical Education Teachermdils@spscarlisle.orgWebsite
Mrs. Ana MaurerMrs. Ana MaurerElementary Spanish Teacheramaurer@spscarlisle.orgWebsite
Ms. Eilis CancelMiddle School Spanish