Preschool Shamrock and PreKindergarten Clover Programs

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  • 3-year-old Shamrocks: Grow and Explore in a hands-on environment
  • 4-year-old Clovers: Engage in a readiness-rich classroom with optional afternoon session for further enrichment
  • A specialized educational program to meet specific individual needs

(Monday – Friday 7:45 – 10:30) The Shamrocks, our precious 3-year old preschoolers, are encouraged to Grow, Explore and Discover each and every day at Saint Patrick School. Our program is child-centered; their learning is promoted through engaging activities and through play. Children are given opportunities to make choices and become independent while meeting their full potential. Our teachers facilitate their experience through exploration and discovery.  

  • Our Preschool curriculum is a broad framework that provides many pathways for academic, social and creative development, as well as the in-depth exploration that encourages higher-level thinking skills in young children.
  • A primary focus of our program is social and emotional development of each child. Social skills are taught and practiced through all daily activities.
  • Our curriculum aligns with families’ expectations of educational excellence, helping our Shamrocks grow into confident students who begin to read, write, solve problems and explore scientific concepts.
  • Our nurturing teachers are all child development specialists, focused on each individual child’s social and developmental milestones.
  • Teachers provide a mix of independent, teacher-directed, and small group learning experiences and activities.
  • Multi-disciplinary learning centers in our classrooms encourage developing children’s skills in the areas of creative expression, literacy, language, handwriting, math, arts, technology, and dramatic play through active learning.
  • We implement curriculum that engages the individual child and adapts to every age/ stage.
  • Qualified, eligible students can receive instructional support and/or early intervention .
  • Before School (6:45-7:45) and after school care (10:30-5:30) is available.



Monday – Friday 7:45-2:15 p.m.; Optional Morning only session ending at 11:20 a.m.

Our PreK Clovers have a full daily schedule starting with a morning meeting and calendar. Children then move to small groups at various learning centers to participate in math, language arts, science/social studies, reading/writing, dramatic play, and gross and fine motor activities. All centers are designed to promote learning through developmentally appropriate activities. Problem-solving skills are part of an integrated curriculum.  

  • The PreK classes use the DIG (Develop, Inspire, and Grow) program from the Abrams Company. 
  • The program promotes social and emotional growth through play, social centers, and academic instruction.
  • To support the development of our student’s reading, spelling, and writing, we use the Heggerty Phonemic Awareness program.  
  • Our curriculum is designed to help children prepare for developmental/academic milestones set for kindergarten in the areas of language and literacy, math, science, technology, and the arts. 
  • Children study letter names and sounds and are encouraged to read simple words and books appropriate to their individual reading levels. 
  • Handwriting is taught using the Handwriting Without Tears program, which teaches the proper formation of letters and numbers.
  • Mathematics is taught with a hands-on approach using manipulatives and projects.
  • Science is a key curriculum area for our PreK students that includes interactive STEM enhanced activities.
  • Music & Movement and Arts & Crafts are also integral to this program.
  • Cultural Arts Specials – PreK Clover students attend Computer, Gym, Library, and Music classes once a week. 
  • Technology is used to enhance small group time by using literacy and math applications that meet the student’s current academic level. 
  • Teachers provide a mix of independent, teacher-directed, and small group learning experiences and activities.
  • Qualified, eligible students can receive instructional support and/or early intervention. 
  • Before School (6:45-7:30) and after school care (2:15-5:30) is available daily.  

Preschool 2022-2023 School Year

 One ChildTwo Children
Shamrock (3-year-old morning PreK)$315 a month (based on 10 payments); $3,150 annually$630 a month (based on 10 payments); $6,300 annually
Clover (4-year-old morning PreK)
$365 a month (based on 10 payments); $3,650 annually$730 a month (based on 10 payments); $7,300 annually
Clover (4-year-old morning PreK with Afternoon Enrichment)$435 a month (based on 10 payments); $4,350 annually$870 a month (based on 10 payments); $8,700 annually