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Athletic Program Information and Registration

Click here to visit the Saint Patrick Parish Athletic Association website

Athletics are an important part of the total educational experience at Saint Patrick School and an extension of the academic curriculum. Participation in sports contributes to the physical, social, emotional, and moral development of the students. Therefore, the development of student-athletes is an important goal of the Saint Patrick Parish Athletic Association.
The Athletic Association currently administers five athletic activities for students of the School and children in the Parish. All properly enrolled and age-qualified children who express a desire to compete in a sport will be given an opportunity to participate on an inter-parish team.

All athletic programs follow PIAA rules and regulations. To review these rules and regulations, visit the PIAA website.

Fall Season:
Soccer Co-Ed (5th – 8th grades)
Volleyball Co-Ed (6th – 8th grades)
Cross Country Co-Ed (7th-8th grades)

Winter Season:
Basketball – Boys & Girls teams (3rd – 8th grades)

Spring Season:
Track and Field – Boys and Girls teams (3rd – 8th grades)

Extracurricular Activities


Saint Patrick School provides a wide variety of extracurricular activities for our students. We are committed to respecting the individuality of each child by encouraging them to develop his or her creativity, critical thinking, and leadership skills. The many clubs and activities enrich the students’ educational experiences throughout the elementary and middle school years.

Meeting dates and times are scheduled one year in advance. Please consult the current school year’s calendar for more information. Activity or club advisers also provide additional details prior to the first meeting date.


  • Chess Club (4th – 8th grades)
  • Dungeons & Dragons Clubs (D&D) (6th – 8th grades
  • Girls on the Run (GOTR) (3rd – 5th-grade girls)
  • Quiz Bowl (6th – 8th grades)
  • Cursive Club
  • Science Explorers (1st – 5th grade)
  • Student Lighthouse Teams (4th – 8th grade)
  • Student Beacon Team (K-4th)
  • Technology Team (6th – 8th grade)
  • Yearbook Club (8th grade)


  • Altar Servers (4th – 8th grade)
  • Peer Mediation (5th – 8th grade)
  • Respect Life Club (4th – 8th grade)

Fine Arts

  • Band (4th – 8th grades)
  • String ensemble (4th-8th grades)
  • Drama (6th – 8th grades)

  • Mass choir (4th – 8th grades)

  • Boys choir (3rd- 8th grades)

  • Chorale (5th – 8th grades)
  • Choir (3rd – 4th grades)

Educational Technology


“Fostering Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity as Responsible Digital Citizens”

Technology is an ever-changing part of our school environment. Through fundraising with our annual Finnegan’s Fun Run and other donations, we are able to provide our students and teachers with current educational technology tools. To learn more about Saint Patrick School’s current Educational Technology Plan, please view the document here.

Digital Citizenship (Internet Safety & Netiquette)

Internet and network security are a high priority for our school community. Policies, procedures, and technology are in place to keep students, faculty, and sensitive information safe, while still allowing the free flow of data throughout the school. Saint Patrick School has created an environment safe for learning in this highly interconnected, digital world. A signed Educational Technology and Computer Network Acceptable Use Policy for each student and guardian must be on file in order to use technology on school premises. These forms are available here for your reference.

In addition, all students are taught a Digital Citizenship Curriculum during technology class throughout the school year. These concepts are reinforced by all teachers anytime students use technology anywhere in the school. We also partner with families to reinforce the concepts at home.

Educational Technology Throughout the School

All PreK-8 classrooms are equipped with educational technology that enhances learning, appropriate for each grade level. Interactive presentation tools give the teachers a dynamic way of presenting information, as well as adding a creative and exciting element to the classroom. Incorporating the instruction and use of varied educational technologies throughout the school is an effective way to keep our students up-to-date on the demands of modern society.

Cafeteria – School Lunch Program

Students may bring a lunch to school or purchase a meal in the cafeteria. Milk and water are available for purchase. Monthly menus are available on the school Website. Lunch decisions may be made by students on a day-to-day basis. Metz Culinary Management is our food service provider.

Here are some fun facts about the SPS cafeteria:

  • Fresh fruit and veggies are offered every day as part of the meal
  • We only sell “SMART snacks” which are USDA approved
  • Parents are able to limit purchases or restrict items ~ send an email to with your requests
  • Unfortunately, we are no longer able to accept credit cards for lunch account payments. Other payment options are using your checking account or sending a check in to the office.
  • Every parent must set up an online account to link to their student’s account (whether you are paying online or sending in a check payment.) this is so you can track purchases and set up low balance notification emails. The school will no longer be sending balance reminders.

We now use an automated purchasing and accounting system, Food Service Solutions, to manage cafeteria purchases.  Parents are asked to deposit funds into their school lunch account which is debited as students purchase lunches, drinks, or other a la carte items. Please wait for an activation letter from Mrs. Dorine Haberman to set up this account.

Current Lunch Prices (as of 2022-2023 school year):  Students: $2.95      Reduced: $0.00      Adults:  $3.86

Lunch Duty Volunteers

Each family is expected to help with lunch duty at least three times a year. If your family is having trouble fulfilling this responsibility due to work schedules or other commitments, you may ask aunts, uncles, grandparents, or friends to fulfill this duty on your behalf. Each grade is assigned a month, and volunteer requests generally go out from the grade’s homeroom parent, using the “Time To Sign Up” method. Families are welcome to help with more than three shifts a year and are encouraged to watch for any late-breaking openings that tend to arise. Lunch duty is from 10:30 a.m. to noon on a typical day and involves either helping students purchase items using our computerized lunch program or distributing condiments, as well as wiping down tables between lunch shifts. Two lunch-duty helpers are required per day. **Volunteer clearances are not necessary to help with lunch duty.

Metz Covid Protocol

Service to Others

Introduction: Service to others is a basic tenet of our Catholic faith. We strive to help students understand that there are ideals greater than themselves (i.e. faith, family, community, country) and that we need to support those ideals. One technique used is service to others. This follows the example Jesus gave us all in the “washing of the feet” at the Last Supper where He said, “I have given you a model to follow so that as I have done for you, you should also do.”

The following guidelines address our Service to Others program:

1. Middle School Students (grades 6-8) will perform at least 15 hours of service each school year – Five hours/50 points per trimester to be reflected in the Religion grade. Hours are accumulated and may be obtained during the previous summer and carried into the new school year, e.g. Church: volunteering at vacation bible school; School – assisting technology department or uniform closet; Community: volunteering at Project Share Farm Stand.

Students are expected to have accumulated at least 5 hours by the end of the first trimester, 10 hours by the end of the second trimester, and 15 hours by the end of the third trimester.

2. Service opportunities will be discussed with the students. Students should consult with their Religion teacher about opportunities that are not discussed in class.

3. Part of being in a family is to help each other. Therefore, service to others should be focused on helping those outside our family. Chores such as yard work, house cleaning, and babysitting for immediate and extended family members are expected as contributing members of a family. However, these types of activities (unpaid) for a neighbor or for a community event are acceptable.

4. Volunteering at most non-profit organizations like the Carlisle Area Family Life Center, Project Share, the Salvation Army, etc. is acceptable. Students are encouraged to volunteer at a variety of organizations in order to experience different ministries. Volunteering at a for-profit organization will usually not be accepted although there may be some exceptions, e.g. the Carlisle Hospital, nursing homes. Please check with the religion teacher beforehand.

5. Involvement in the Mass (altar server, choir, usher, etc.) is part of being an involved parishioner. However, one hour per trimester of Mass support can be counted.

6. Most hours that count for Confirmation service hours will also be acceptable for school service to others when consistent with this guidance.

7. Service to others will be documented on a form provided by the Religion Teacher. You may also download the form here:

Service Hours Documentation Form

School Uniform

Uniform Requirements (Boys & Girls)

  • View the document online (4 pages) or click the pop-out button to print a copy.

Uniform Closet

Many families choose to visit our Uniform Closet for some gently-used items. The Uniform Closet is open year-round for donations and borrowing.